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The images available in this catalogue and any product specification sheet issued by Visy via the catalogue are subject to copyright and are provided for general information purposes only, and may not represent the final specification for product sold. You may download a copy of the images and product specification sheet solely for the purposes of assessing whether to purchase products or services from Visy and for no other purpose. You may not use, reproduce or publish any photos, product specification sheet or communicate any such information to the public, or do any other act comprised in the copyright in the images or product specification sheet otherwise than as permitted by Visy in writing. Visy excludes all liability in relation to use or reliance on the images or product specification sheet by any person. All information is current to the date of the specification but is subject to change at any time by Visy without notice. A final product specification sheet will be provided by Visy to the customer at the time of sale. The sale of products by Visy will be subject to Visy's standard terms and conditions of sale, a copy of which is available on the Visy website.

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